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Ramadan Pavilion

On the first weekend of the fasting month of RAMADAN, a tent pavilion will be set up at the Spadenteich. Under the patronage of the Muhajirin Mosque - Der Islamische Bund eV, a three-day program with culinary, cultural and socio-political contributions is being organized in cooperation with various associations to get together with Muslims, to exchange ideas and to broaden their knowledge of Islam. The highlight there is breaking the fast (IFTAR meal) at sunset. Here, too, there is space for personal conversations and insights into Muslim life in Germany. The aim of this three-day event, in which the diversity and beauty of Muslim life in Hamburg become visible, is to offer a communication platform for social dialogue and, among other things, to reduce prejudice and fear of contact through cultural educational offers. Other focal points of this event are the networking of the most diverse cooperation partners in the district of St-Georg and the district of Hamburg-Mitte as well as the empowerment of the volunteers involved.

The aim of this three-day event is to offer a communication platform for social dialogue, to lose fear of contact and to get to know each other better. In addition, prejudices are to be broken down in a relaxed atmosphere and the mutual understanding of tolerance deepened. Following the amendment to the Hamburg Public Holidays Act in 2013, through which the Muslim RAMADAN festival was also legally anchored in Hamburg, the "Hamburg Ramadan Pavilion" was held for the first time from Friday, July 12th, 2013 to Sunday, July 14th, 2013. This established a permanent project that has been repeated every year since then and has become a permanent fixture in Hamburg's intercultural dialogue. The AL MANAR Foundation is the main sponsor of this dialogue event.

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