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Our religious educational establishment is conceived as part of a holistic cultural center in which space is offered for integration and exchange. According to the principle of transparency and accessibility, we are planning an open and inviting house for this. This facility should actively add to the urban space. We want to convey Islamic knowledge in the district, in the neighborhood and people from all over Hamburg and beyond, through the meeting place, promote social exchange and participation and help shape the future of this city and its social issues. We want to have a positive impact on the district through new incentives and actively express our commitment and devotion.


For many years we have been in the theoretical conception of our project. We are now looking forward to implementing it together with all participating and future partners. Our community has been collecting donations for this purpose for a number of years. We have been at the address at Beim Gesundbrunnen 1 for 10 years. During this period, we have already had to pay around € 1,000,000 in rent. Costs that we would like to invest in our own project in the future. With this project, we make ourselves independent of limited usable space and can build sustainable structures. We are proud of the current donation volume of around € 100,000 and are now looking forward to taking the next steps towards realization with you. Be part of our vision for a better tomorrow for everyone and support us. Due to a fire at Borgfelder Strasse 71, we are now penniless!  Support us. Our youth will thank you by contributing to the advancement of the common good of society. Make a sincere donation in the way of Allah and patiently await the great reward of your Lord!

One hadith says: "Whoever builds a mosque for Allah's sake, Allah will have a house built for him in Paradise" (Narrated by Bukhari and Muslim)

Another hadeeth reads: “When a person dies, he becomes severed (from the merit) of his deeds, except in three (cases): a sadaqa that endures (sadaqa jarija), knowledge that is useful, and an upright descendant who asks for him "(Narrated by Muslim)

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