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Townhall debate

“Town Hall Debate“ in St. Georg
"Islam: extremism? Fundamentalism? Salafism? "
"Are Muslims accepted in Germany?"

Children, young people and adults have an urgent need for knowledge and exchange about the difficult terms that are currently being discussed everywhere about interpretations of Islam. We will have speakers from various institutions as guests who will enable us to look at the topic from different angles. The “Town Hall Debate” is a method that we in Ghana use frequently and successfully to deal with controversial issues. In this case, young people will conduct the pro and contra debate in public. Many different people meet: young and old, young and old, community members, schoolchildren, residents, Muslims and non-Muslims. All interested parties are cordially invited to engage in an exciting intercultural and interreligious exchange! Together we want to discuss and think about current events in our society.

With the event on December 13, 2014, we want to provide a little insight into the “Town Hall Debate” method, in the hope of being able to organize this often in Hamburg. We want to create space for encounters among people and thus make the diversity within St. Georg - Borgfelde tangible.

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