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Islamic Holidays

Our Islamic festivals

With us in Islam there are two main festivals:

❖ the festival of breaking the fast (ʿĪd al-fitr)

❖ the festival of sacrifice (ʿĪd al-Adhā)

The ʿĪd al-fitr (الفطر عيد (is a festival that takes place at the end of the fasting month "Ramadan". The festival begins at sunset on the last day of fasting. The early morning of the next day (the first day of the month of Shawwal) gather Muslims at festive ritual prayer After the festive prayer, it is customary for family members and friends to give each other presents.  


The ʿĪd al-Adhā (األضىح عيد (is the highest Islamic festival. It is celebrated in memory of the Prophet Abraham when he was supposed to sacrifice his son Ishmael as proof of his loyalty to Allah. On that day Muslims like Abraham sacrifice an animal (for

usually a cow or a sheep). The meat of the slaughtered animal is distributed in three equal parts to the victim, to his poor relatives and to those in need. As with Īd al-fitr, Muslims gather for ritual prayer on the morning of the first day.

We, the Muslim family association eV Masjid Rahma, have been performing their ritual festive prayers for many years and the following barbecue on:


At Lohmühlenpark 1

20099 Hamburg

(I'm not exactly sure if this is the right address)


The following actions are offered at the barbecue party:

  • Bouncy castle

  • Candy & grill stand

  • Henna & make-up offers

  • Can throwing

  • Soccer tournament

  • And much more

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