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Berlin Spree


Trip to Berlin


This time the girls' group went to our capital Berlin. The metropolis is not only known for its significant history, but also for its wide range of culture and sights such as the Brandenburg Gate, the Holocaust Memorial and the TV tower. So our girls couldn’t miss the opportunity to pay a visit to this city, even if only for one day. With a large portion of confidence and a good weather forecast in our luggage we started. During the three-hour drive to the arrival at the Berlin ZOB, the girls were able to collect and record many impressions. Everyone was in a good mood and even if some would say our girls were almost turned up, it put a smile on our faces to see them like that. Arrival was around 11:20 am. The emerging tiredness was gone and astonishment, almost awe, had taken place on their faces. Unfortunately, our stay was very limited, so there was no time to lose and instead the girls were given the opportunity to explore the capital independently in small groups. For some it was a real sightseeing tour across Alexanderplatz to the Brandenburg Gate, while for others it was more of a relaxed shopping tour with a detour to the café. At 3:30 p.m. we had a small tour, arranged in the Omar ibn Al-Khattab mosque in Berlin-Kreuzberg. All the girls reached the mosque on time and after we had done our prayers we were picked up for the lecture. Even if it only lasted half an hour due to time constraints, the lecture was very informative and instructive. The elaborate and also very aesthetic architecture, such as the interior of the mosque, left an impression on everyone. It was time for a late lunch. Not far from the mosque, we had reserved a halal restaurant for us and received a very warm welcome. There was something for everyone, from vegan to meat.  With a full stomach and a satisfied mind, we exchanged experiences and impressions, laughed together and let the day end. In the evening we took the bus again and made our way home. In the hand luggage, the memories of our trip to Berlin.

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