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Youth forum

The group has been active in the district for a long time: At the beginning, in 2015, girls and boys from African, European, Muslim and Christian families drove to Amsterdam.


They deal with issues such as refugees, discrimination and religious extremism. When there is a lot of serious work, the mood is good and energetic. Their trip to Poland, Auschwitz and Rostock, was a big step together for everyone involved.  

Currently we are four moderators and around 25 young people who show St. Georg-Borgfeldes diversity. "IT'S UP TO YOUR GENERATION" is our motto, with which we want to show together that we can grow together and promote togetherness regardless of religion and origin. We are really a great group that has grown together and has seen a lot. We try to give each other good values along the way and to convey them to the outside world. Above all for us, as the moderation team, it is important to support the young people and to get the potential out of what they have - both with the young people from the youth forum and the young people in  our different environments. We are always ready for an exchange, new people and are happy to help you! :)

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